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Place a human touch over frivolous technological advancement in marketing, states Australian Interactive Marketing

Place a human touch over frivolous technological advancement in marketing, states Australian Interactive Marketing.

Australian Interactive Marketing believe technology is a supplement, not a replacement for speaking to customers in person and warn businesses off ‘automating’ important touch points with consumers.

As a firm who primarily deal in offline, face to face interactions, such a stance shouldn’t come as much of a surprise – but Australian Interactive Marketing argues flippant technological advancement should be prevented at all costs.

Online publisher of technology industry news TechCrunch stated in an article recently that while AI can perform tasks more efficiently than humans can, it lacks the artistry and ‘uniquely human ability’ to cater to the needs of the individual. Australian Interactive Marketing has long cited the difference between ‘protocol’ and the subtleties in marketing to individuals – something they believe technology is yet to replicate.

While the firm acknowledges the importance of new innovative technology that truly enhances consumer experiences, ultimately, they believe that the human element of interactions between brand and consumer remains the dealbreaker.

“We endorse new tech, but it has to improve our service offering, and improve how we can market brands to consumers in a personable way. The nuances of a salesperson conveying the uses of products and services face to face, and in a manner that relates to the consumer is arguably more important than ever in this digital age. Tech is a supplement, not a replacement for face to face interactions,” stated a spokesperson for the firm, speaking at a retail event in Sydney’s CBD.

During the talk, the firm used the example of online banking, and how people are still needed in physical locations because when it comes to money, there is still a significant demand to talk to a trained professional.

“Just because new tech is available to us, it doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to be the best option in a given marketing situation,” added the spokesperson.

Australian Interactive Marketing has been working to bring sales and marketing out of the digital world and back into the real one; offering a range of customer acquisition campaigns that deliver unique brand experiences.

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/01/15/technology-cant-replace-the-human-touch/?guccounter=1

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