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Online personalisation still a long way from wowing customers, states Australian Interactive Marketing

Online personalisation still a long way from wowing customers, states Australian Interactive Marketing

Outsourced sales and marketing giants Australian Interactive Marketing believe that, while online measures to personalise content to the consumer has improved, it still falls short when compared to it’s offline neighbour in the form of face to face interactions.

The firm believe that their stance is justified due to online advertising’s lack of nous in understanding a customer’s motivations during the moment when they receive a branded form of communication.

“We have a saying – right time, right place, right targeting, and although everyone is seemingly so connected to their smartphones in Australia, calls to action have fallen short. Understanding the purchasing decision isn’t easy offline at times, but is almost impossible from a device that channels such flippant interactions,” states a spokesperson of Australian Interactive Marketing.

The firm believe GDPR over in Europe rightly restricted access to more personal forms of consumer data, which obviously impacted marketing efforts to send them more personalised and targeted promotions. Australian Interactive Marketing believe Australian consumers are also handing over too much information without fully understanding how said data is being used.

This catch 22 situation has resulted in many brands falling short in personalisation. This means missing out on several benefits – namely customer loyalty, and an increase in sales.

“For a healthy way to exchange personal data in a meaningful way that benefits consumers, customers would need to give brands access – and then take that access back or reduce that access once they’ve finished that interaction. This doesn’t exist today,” added the spokesperson.

Instead, the firm recommends b2c businesses focus on omnichannel personalisation, in order to achieve a seamless cross-channel shopping experience, supplementing online advertising measures with meaningful, personalised offline ones.

Source: https://www.marketingweek.com/2018/11/13/brands-realise-potential-personalisation/

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