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Kleenex name change illustrates true power of consumers, argues Australian Interactive Marketing

Kleenex name change illustrates true power of consumers, argues Australian Interactive Marketing

Global tissue brand Kleenex recently renamed its ‘mansize’ product range after a small percentage of people believed the labelling to be sexist.

Australian Interactive Marketing have praised the brand for listening to their consumers, and acting fast. Irrespective of whether it was indeed sexist or not, the brand’s swift response has negated any criticisms and prevented a loss of face.

Australian Interactive Marketing also believe the indecent highlights the sheer power consumers have in 2018. Speaking at one of the firm’s industry seminars, a company spokesperson stated;

“Irrespective of if labelling something ‘mansize’ suggests or endorses gender inequality, the decision from a global brand like Kleenex to act fast – despite a relatively small amount of discontent – shows how powerful consumers have become. The only thing that matters to them is how their Kleenex brand is perceived.”

Australian Interactive Marketing have used this incident as an example to demonstrate to their contractors the impact of brand image on consumer purchasing behaviour.

The firm’s business model aims to bring sales and marketing out of the digital world and back into the real one; offering a range of customer acquisition campaigns that deliver unique brand experiences.

As brand ambassadors, the firm believe it is vital they stay on top of the latest trends and engage in best practice in terms of customer service to go above and beyond for clients. They believe feedback is important, and as shown in the Kleenex incident – it can be used to prevent a small issue from potentially snowballing into a bigger PR disaster or scandal.

According to their website, by focusing on forging strong relationships with customers on behalf of their clients, Australian Interactive Marketing are able to leave favourable and memorable impressions with said customers.

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