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GDPR not to blame for inconsistent online experiences, claims Australian Interactive Marketing

GDPR not to blame for inconsistent online experiences, claims Australian Interactive Marketing

Australian Interactive Marketing believes GDPR in the EU is being used as a scapegoat for poor online experiences put on by brands looking to ‘keep up’ with the latest digital trends.

The umbrella term of GDPR and the new data regulations held the promise of improved user experience for digital channels, but some feel the reality is more pop-ups, confusion and inconsistency.

“Keeping up appearances should never be the aim of the game, and that’s why we feel some digital experiences fail to capture audience attention – there’s not enough purpose to it,” stated a spokesperson for Australian Interactive Marketing.

Australian Interactive Marketing believes – not all – but some businesses are using GDPR as a scapegoat for hindering the online experience. However, the reality is data should have always been this secure, and a strategy that requires personalisation and user information beyond what’s appropriate is not a good one.

However, the firm does concede that different approaches to compliance with GDPR have resulted in inconsistency with web forms, check-boxes and privacy notices. This obviously affects the user experience.

Australian Interactive Marketing believes many users will probably get more GDPR emails than birthday wishes this year, but the blame for inconsistent online experiences cannot be placed upon the new EU legislation. Instead, Australian Interactive Marketing wants brands to go over the entirety of their consumer journeys with a fine tooth comb, and weed out anything incoherent in terms of messaging.

“Even in our offline industry of marketing through face to face interactions, we find that putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes is always good practice, with or without legislation to prompt us,” continued the spokesperson on behalf of Australian Interactive Marketing.

Indeed, Australian Interactive Marketing has been working to bring sales and marketing out of the digital world and back into the real one; offering a range of customer acquisition campaigns that deliver unique brand experiences.


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