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Don’t Just Speak, ENGAGE.

There is a reason why, so many brands decided to employ event marketing and in-person promotions, and that is because the customer engagement potential is immense. While brands can sell products and services over the phone or on the internet, sustaining customer relationships through these channels is tough. Effective communication is far more than just words, it’s how people exchange ideas and feelings, it’s knowing how to interpret what is not being said, and being able to understand verbal and non-verbal cues to build trusting relationships.

When a customer is unable to link a real person to an interaction, trust diminishes and the information they are being told becomes less real. Australian Interactive Marketing believes people buy from people, and that offering multiple brand touch points in the form of in-person presentations and event marketing campaigns is fundamental in securing stronger customer relationships and boosting brand outreach.

Effective communication is far more than just words

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