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Australian Interactive Marketing want more brands to follow Coca-Cola's example to get people talking

Australian Interactive Marketing want more brands to follow Coca-Cola’s example to get people talking

When Coca-Cola flipped a prominent billboard advertisement upside down to represent being ‘down under’, it sparked Australian Interactive Marketing into a discussion about how brands can get people talking.

In a day-long operation, Coca-Cola flipped their famous billboard on its head to visually represent the beverage being made ‘Down Under’. For a giant like Coca-Cola, this happened at no relative cost to them, but the innovative manoeuvre got people across Australia talking about the brand. In response to Coca-Cola’s marketing ploy, Australian Interactive Marketing have entered a discussion about how brands today can get people talking.

“Everyone in our Sydney office has been talking about it. We love it because it raises brand awareness among large audiences, without interrupting them” said a spokesperson for the firm. “It’s not unexpected from Coca-Cola though, their ‘Share A Coke’ campaign was one of the most well-received in advertising history!” added the spokesperson.

People listen to what other people say; which is why, long before the age of digital, brand reputation and getting people talking about a brand has always been important. And with an abundance of research to indicate that recommendations from friends are more trusted than any other form of marketing or advertising, brands must generate interest and get people talking about them to survive.

Australian Interactive Marketing outline that the first way to get people talking is if a brand does something exciting or interesting. Take the example of Coca-Cola! It is essential to do something, suitable to the target audience, that will trigger a reaction and be a catalyst for sharing and topic of conversation. Linked to this, Australian Interactive Marketing states that people must have their emotions provoked if they are to talk about a brand. Emotions can be a powerful tool in marketing; take the recent Nike campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. It caused powerful feelings from both sides and has resulted in a 31% increase in sales.

Australian Interactive Marketing works hard to bring sales and marketing out of the digital world and back into the real one. The marketing strategy used by the firm promotes their client’s brand in public areas with little money and is extremely effective at gaining consumer attention. Australian Interactive Marketing operates their client’s campaigns in public places such as shopping centres, parks or beaches to attract a broad consumer audience.




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