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Australian Interactive Marketing stress importance of face-to-face marketing in nonprofit sectors

Australian Interactive Marketing stress importance of face-to-face marketing in nonprofit sectors

Brisbane and Sydney-based outsourced sales and marketing specialists Australian Interactive Marketing believe no other marketing method can achieve the desired results for nonprofit sectors like offline, in-person interactions.

This statement from the firm comes from the point of experience, having worked in this sector for a number of years. With the prevalence of digital marketing in virtually every existing industry – and with such a vast array of marketing options – the firm want to remind businesses of how important human interaction in offline ventures can be.

Indeed, it can be argued that nonprofit organisations and their campaigners have a great responsibility to ensure public confidence in charitable giving is increased as a whole, and the marketing methods used to assist such an outcome must be meticulously planned and executed.

Managing Director Lawrence Randall issued the following statement when asked why he believes face-to-face marketing rules supreme in this field;

“I’ve found that when customers are unable to link real people to interactions, the information they are being told becomes less real. Face-to-face brand ambassadors have the power to make the goals and plights of nonprofit organisations far more real than any online advert.”

Spreading the word about the often humbling goals of nonprofit organisations is not the only benefit face-to-face marketing brings, according to the firm. Mr. Randall cites the ‘relevance’ in skillset of said brand ambassadors in influencing the consumer decision-making process.

“Nonprofits interact with the consumer environment just like any other business, and must stay both relevant and transparent in order to attract funding. People are ultra-connected and often largely disengaged with online advertising in this sector, whereas a passionate and knowledgeable brand ambassador deployed in-person has the ability to put things in context and maintain their position in the market,” adds Randall.

Australian Interactive Marketing is working to bring sales and marketing out of the digital world and back into the real one; offering a range of customer acquisition campaigns that deliver unique brand experiences.

It is the firm’s wish that more nonprofit organisations employ offline practices for their marketing ventures, in order to transform infrequent donors to regular, and passionate brand advocates.

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