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Australian Interactive Marketing review idealism vs realism debate in sales and marketing.

Australian Interactive Marketing review idealism vs realism debate in sales and marketing.

Brisbane and Sydney-based outsourced sales and marketing expert Australian Interactive Marketing believe all outlandish marketing ideals must play second fiddle to the fundamental elements of building brand loyalty and generating positive word of mouth.

“ROI in marketing is constantly idealism versus realism. Flash in the pan ideas are no good – we’re after longevity,” stated a spokesperson for the company at one of the firm’s recent in-house events.

The ambassador’s talk focused on the fact that while many new marketing trends concentrate on creating a consistently good customer experience, the majority of these disregard brand loyalty as a metric.

Australian Interactive Marketing believes brand loyalty – whether generated online or offline – should always be the ultimate goal for any marketing strategy or new campaign. This is because solutions aimed at such an ultimate goal, even if they fall slightly short, are of the quality required to achieve higher lifetime values in acquisition.

“Fresh, innovative ideas are what allow us to stay abreast of consumer needs – and remain competitive in a highly saturated market – but I want such ideas to affect brand loyalty. People rarely talk about customer lifetime values, but we want to be turning passive bystanders into passionate advocates,” added the spokesperson.

However, the firm acknowledges that mixing different ways of thinking is the key to forging a well-balanced working culture. Australian Interactive Marketing suggests that it’s the role of their leadership to understand those differences in thinking and work to make everyone blend cohesively.

Australian Interactive Marketing has been working to bring sales and marketing out of the digital world and back into the real one; offering a range of customer acquisition campaigns that deliver unique brand experiences.

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