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Australian Interactive Marketing mobilise to become a more environmentally-friendly workplace.

Australian Interactive Marketing mobilise to become a more environmentally-friendly workplace.

Australian Interactive Marketing have laid down the gauntlet to their fellow SMEs by stating that all small businesses can operate in a more eco-friendly manner by implementing a few small changes that will likely also help cut operating costs.

The firm believe climate change is affecting every country on every continent, and is disrupting national economies, affecting lives, costing people, communities and countries dearly today and likely even more tomorrow.

With this in mind, the firm have recently banned all single use coffee cups in their Brisbane office, as a small, easily-implemented gesture that’s part of a bigger approach to their CSR engagements.

“Some of the business partners we work with have aligned themselves to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and goal 13 is about looking for solutions to create cleaner, more resilient economies in response to climate change. This resonates with us greatly, and we will be searching for additional ways in which we can ‘go-green’,” stated a spokesperson for Australian Interactive Marketing.

Indeed, the firm have been revamping their in-house CSR efforts after finding out just how much weather patterns are changing, and sea levels are rising.

There are rumours that single-use plastics like coffee cups, straws and balloons could be banned by 2023 in Australia, and Australian Interactive Marketing are also encouraging staff not to print email and draft documents, offering the ability to send documents to personal devices if that makes electronic review easier.

Australian Interactive Marketing is determined to be an SME that leads by example when it comes to tackling the scourge of paper and plastic littering the country’s landscape, and polluting the seas.

The firm work to bring sales and marketing out of the digital world and back into the real one; offering a range of customer acquisition campaigns that deliver unique brand experiences.

With the prevalence of digital marketing in virtually every existing industry – and with such a vast array of marketing options – the firm want to remind businesses of how important human interaction in offline ventures can be.




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