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Australian Interactive Marketing endorse new emotionally-charged Greenpeace ad

Australian Interactive Marketing endorse new emotionally-charged Greenpeace ad

Australian Interactive Marketing believes Greenpeace’s latest marketing campaign has enough mettle to engage consumers at an emotional level, and have endorsed the advertisement in the hope it spreads more awareness about endangered orangutans.

With four headquarters across Australia, the firm has established themselves as a popular solution to certain businesses looking to outsource their sales and marketing functions. They also claim to know what ‘works’ when it comes to marketing campaigns, and believe Greenpeace’s ‘heart over head’ approach will work wonders.

The advert itself features an emotional story of a girl and her encounter with a young orangutan and highlights the issue of rainforest destruction due to the palm oil industry. Australian Interactive Marketing feels passionate about this particular issue, and find it quite scary how many everyday products use palm oil.

“Too many other businesses, NGO, charities – whoever, use cold hard facts to try and grab consumer attention, back benching emotion. To us as a businesses which work in face to face interactions, this is crazy. We’ve seen how emotions not just influence, but almost dictate purchasing behaviour one way or another,” stated a spokesperson for Australian Interactive Marketing.

According to Greenpeace, around half of the orangutan population has been wiped out in the last 15 or so years, and are now staring in the face of extinction.

“Appealing to emotion in advertising is far from a new tactic for marketers, but it does seem to be one that the industry as a whole has been overlooking lately in an attempt to apply technology and big data to every aspect of modern commerce,” continued the spokesperson.

Australian Interactive Marketing claims to exist solely to bring sales and marketing out of the digital world and back into the real one.

The firm believes that interactions between brands and consumers that occur offline, in-person accounts for the most powerful form of marketing. In this arena, emotional advertising is easily achieved, and the key to fully engaging with target audiences.



Greenpeace takes ‘heart over head’ approach as it looks to widen appeal beyond activists

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