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Australian Interactive Marketing discuss innovative ways to increase brand awareness

Australian Interactive Marketing discuss innovative ways to increase brand awareness

Direct marketing and sales firm Australian Interactive Marketing believe that having a strong and trusted brand it is imperative in order for success. Ultimately if the target audience has no idea of the brand, or does not trust them, it is next to impossible to increase the customer reach and generate sales.

Australian Interactive Marketing believes there are a few ways in which to increase brand awareness. First and foremost, as the current climate is primarily a digital world, all the information an individual could ever need can be accessed at the click of a button directly to smart devices. Therefore it’s essential that companies do their research on SEO (search engine optimisation). The vast majority of people will not look beyond the first couple of results pages.

SEO is a powerful pitching tool for turning prospects into customers. However, if all competitors are using the same information, it can dilute the search for a business. So by researching SEO strategies that can be related to the niche of a specific company will help massively when it comes to increasing brand awareness. It will help companies differentiate themselves from others and single out the firm as the expert within the industry.

Social media is also a fantastic tool to help increase brand awareness. Platforms such as Instagram provide a visual representation of what the business does or the culture; pictures can often say more than a thousand words and Instagram lets individuals promote the story via the images and text posted. It is a fantastic tool for brands trying to reach out to their consumers. Facebook also has the power to increase brand awareness as well as create a community; the community aspect will help build trust.

Twitter is the other of a so-called “big three” social media platforms for increasing brand awareness because it helps to publish news and interact with customers that are already fans of the business or are actively talking about it. A great example of a brand that uses Twitter to its full advantage is American fast food chain Wendy’s; it has used Twitter to increase its brand awareness by responding to mentions with quick-witted, sassy and often hilarious remarks.

Finally, it’s important to look into paid ads, they a fantastic way of getting the business name and website in front of the right people, although homing in on the audience can often be a tricky task. However, Google has recently announced its new “AdSense Auto ads,” this allows publishers to see the best places to create and optimise their ads. Auto Ads can be automatically placed on sites that are best suited for brands. There, they are set to efficiently reach the right target audience, providing a more significant return on investment.

Australian Interactive Marketing is working to bring sales and marketing out of the digital world and back into the real one; offering a range of customer acquisition campaigns that deliver unique brand experiences. Through in-person presentations, event marketing and residential sales, Australian Interactive Marketing has secured an unbeatable reputation for developing customer relationships, increasing sales and building brand advocacy for big-name clients.


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