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Australian Interactive Marketing believes b2b brands are flying the flag for emotional resonance

Australian Interactive Marketing believes b2b brands are flying the flag for emotional resonance

Australian Interactive Marketing believes many B2C companies could learn a lot about the personalisation of customer journeys from B2B brands, especially when it comes down to forging emotional connections.

While this may come as a surprise to many who would argue B2C orientated businesses should be better equipped to deal in emotional resonance, Australian Interactive Marketing argues that looking at B2B companies could provide an additional source of inspiration. This is because the person looking for a solution is not the person tasked with its technical implementation.

“Stepping beyond the physical properties of products and services and addressing how meaningful they are is vital for B2B brands – form what we’ve seen, it’s possible the B2C sector has lost a little bit of that from their marketing,” states a spokesperson for Australian Interactive Marketing, speaking from their Sydney headquarters.

Australian Interactive Marketing believes that very few products and services have little competition, and as such lists of specifications and how they compare to other products in the same category or marketplace have become par for the course. The firm believes these details can often fall flat to consumers – who are already clued up and well informed.

Indeed, going above and beyond the purchase offer and into the overall service behind the offering is becoming increasingly important. Australian Interactive Marketing believe B2B orientated businesses have had experience with this due to the different decision-makers they interact with on a regular basis;

“B2B brands have learned to hone in on emotional resonance and should no longer be deemed the ‘poor cousin’ to consumer-focused marketing. Having to deal with the needs of an MRI technician, say, compared to a chief information officer, drives various customer journeys and outcomes that make for good practice,” added the spokesperson for Australian Interactive Marketing.

The Australian firm has been working to bring sales and marketing out of the digital world and back into the real one; offering a range of customer acquisition campaigns that deliver unique brand experiences.

With the prevalence of digital marketing in virtually every existing industry – and with such a vast array of marketing options – the firm wants to remind businesses of how significant human interaction in offline ventures can be.


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