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1/ Putting the Customer First
New technologies are fantastic, however in our digitally focused world customer experience can get left on the wayside in the pursuit of staying ahead of the tech curve.

Australian Interactive Marketing is working to bring sales and marketing out of the digital world and back into the real one; offering a range of customer acquisition campaigns that deliver unique brand experiences. Through in-person presentations, event marketing and residential sales, Australian Interactive Marketing has secured an unbeatable reputation for developing customer relationships, increasing sales and building brand advocacy for big name clients.

'We bring together the best and brightest to shake up the sales and marketing world.'

Campaign Execution

Slick, Innovative and Engaging, Australian Interactive Marketing’s event marketing campaigns can dramatically extend market reach and drive customer acquisition in a range of vibrant retail settings.


We love to be the best at what we do, so to stay at the top of our game we need a team that matches our expertise and professionalism. On each of our campaigns, we offer comprehensive product training to ensure our sales force understands your brand inside out.

Face to Face

Have you ever misinterpreted the tone of an email or SMS message? We’re helping brands to avoid awkward misunderstandings; focusing on friendly face to face interactions.

Event Staff

We have a solid sales force on the ground to steer your campaign towards success. Acting on real-time reporting, they understand what it takes to give your brand a boost.

2/ About Us

Headed up by a management team with over 20 years’ combined experience in the sales and marketing industry, we bring together the country’s best and brightest to shake up the sales and marketing world.

We don’t just lend our expertise to our clients either, we’re actively supporting and inspiring the next generation of industry talent too. We offer a huge range of opportunities to satisfy the interests of the most ambitious and diligent minds. at Australian Interactive Marketing we believe the only limit is your commitment and imagination which is why our opportunities are open to everyone, At Australian Interactive Marketing, we can help you go further.

'We’re anything but conventional, and you’ll be amazed just how far face to face marketing could take your brand.'
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